Gardens take time, ya right?

This morning I came upon a beautiful facebook post by the owner of the Lodges on Vashon. In it she kindly tagged #stenndesign ...only when I clicked it went to nothing! Oh mighty, mystical world of social media how can I get linked properly? I'm hoping with this blog post I can cover that.

After many years in the planning two of our landscape gardens are coming to life. It's at once thrilling and frustrating! Garden's require patience. If instant gratitude is your game this is not your playing field.

I am only too happy to share some in-process photos of the Sharp's Cabin, a new addition to the Waterwise Garden at The Bellevue Botanical Garden, a part of the new Visitor's Center project.

Note the silly contractor kindly being a tree for me to better visualize where to transplant that fab, existing Crape Myrtle. These pics shot 1-2 years post installation, are a reminder to me that in a year or two there will be a lush & gorgeous habitat surrounding The Lodges!!

Please visit the Lodges website & facebook page. It's VERY cool!

#stenndesign #lodgesonvashon

let's see if that works???

Lodges on Vashon - like!

Lodges on Vashon - like!